A new build contemporary farmhouse with simple, clean, and open spaces for family and friends to enjoy.

Lake Cove exterior shot
Lake Cove porch with family dog
Lake Cove interior kitchen with person pouring wine


Nestled in a small wooded lot in Highland Lake, we were excited to design this farmhouse to match our client’s lifestyle and maximize the available space and views. Contrasting a calm deep-toned porch, with a bright and window-filled interior, this project uses contemporary elements to create a welcoming and spacious place for family and friends.


Lake Cove is a place the clients will call home for a long time. The floor plan includes three bedrooms and bathrooms, and a very large common area that makes this an ideal place for hosting. The two-car garage behind the house also provides lofted home theater space that can accommodate working from home or additional guests.

Lake Cove kitchen galley and sitting area
Lake Cove sitting area details
Lake Cove exterior


Our clients for this project love to cook and entertain, and those passions are reflected in the layout of their home. The kitchen, dining room, and living room flow into one another, organized in an open floor plan, and create a space for movement and people to cook, eat, and hang out together. The wood flooring and white walls are complemented by the large windows and sloped ceiling that fills the space with light and makes a bright and spacious place both day and night, perfect for inviting and entertaining guests.

Lake Cove kitchen and dining lighting
Lake Cove porch seating and outdoor fireplace
Lake Cove dining area with chandelier
Lake Cove exterior during the evening
Lake Cove kitchen and dining area after build with family dog