2017 is officially underway in every area of our lives especially marking the official first year of Small Design Studio being our full-time gig. We are so grateful for our community of friends and new clients (that have become friends). If the first two clients/projects of the new year are any indication, this is going to be an awesome journey. We could not have hand-picked better people to choose to work with us. It has truly been a blessing.

The first project is for The Comeaux family who were experiencing some growing pains in their existing home. We developed a plan for a bedroom/bathroom addition, a new Great Room addition, along with a new Mud Room entry and a covered breezeway connecting to a new garage – I call it the Barn. Looking forward to construction beginning very soon.

The second project is for the McKearin family of five (soon to be six!!) looking to build a new forever home on 12 acres on Jeter Mountain. Their program was simple, small, healthy materials, and very much a farmhouse. We ended up at just over 2,000 sf with some additional finished basement “away” space for the kiddos. Will be wrapping up the construction drawings in the next month  or so with construction hopefully beginning soon after!

Really experiencing the value of genuinely investing in people and giving generously of ourselves to bless others. That’s a good business plan.